Everything You Need to Know About IGTV

We did the homework, so you don’t have to.


Youtube finally has a worthy competitor that may soon be causing more than a couple of chills down its spine…

IGTV has officially launched as of June 20th and is the latest platform from Instagram used specifically for watching long-form vertical videos.

How to use it:

First, you’ll need to download the IGTV app.

As a part of Instagram, IGTV is already linked up to your accounts — and yes accounts being plural — IGTV acts just as Instagram and allows you to create channels for each account you are an administrator of.

Managing all your accounts is just as easy as managing them on Instagram, allowing you to seamlessly switch back and forth between them.

To create your Channel, simply go to your Settings and click Create Channel. Voilà! Your Channel has been created… pretty painless.

To add videos to your Channel you just click the ‘+’ on the right hand side of your screen and browse through your saved videos on your device.

For now, it looks like all videos uploaded to your Channel are prerecorded. We aren’t talking about live videos here. The plus to this is that you can edit and upload as you wish — you don’t have to feel the pressure to record a perfect video all at once.

At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a few different sections you can select through, ‘For You’, ‘Following’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Continue Watching’, giving you the Netflix feel. You can also search any Channel at the top of the screen and swipe through to browse, just as with Instagram.

All in all, IGTV is pretty easy to set up and start using. If you’re familiar with similar apps, like Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, you’ll be up and running your Channel in no time.

A couple of things to note:

At the moment, IGTV requires its own app. However, it will soon be integrated into the Instagram app.

After you download it, you’ll notice that it starts playing as soon as you open the app, just as a regular TV would.

Those with smaller accounts can upload videos that last up to 10 minutes. For larger accounts, like celebrities and major companies with a greater following, you have the ability to record for up to an hour.

Now, if your business isn’t as big as Nike (yet), on the bright side, Instagram has said that eventually there will be no time limit. In the meantime, 10 minutes is more than enough to make a serious impact on the new app.

Just as it is with Instagram, anyone can be a creator of their own channel and it is very simple to sign in once you download the platform.

The Upside:

IGTV fosters a more intimate relationship with your users by allowing more content and deeper storytelling.

Another major benefit for small businesses is that there are no advertisements on IGTV yet. This levels the playing field for everyone, similar to how it used to be on the main Instagram platform.

The Downside:

For larger companies, not being able to advertise does slow growth potential, while pushing larger companies to focus on generating valuable content, so it’s still a major positive for anyone using the platform.

As Instagram is currently focused on supporting and building engagement on the new app, may the best video content win!

Another possible negative is that IGTV is formatted for vertical videos only (a la Instagram Stories), so if you have a horizontal video that you’d like to post, it may look a little strange. There are ways around it, but they simply don’t have the same effect.

Final downside — you may find yourself watching video after video for hours on end, not knowing how to escape the addictive pull of the platform (throwback to the endless scrolls of Facebook 2016).

IGTV, we’ve been waiting for you.

(PS…something exciting is a’coming.)

Katy Prohira