Who is Handling Your Marketing & Why You Need to Rethink It


When considering whether to hire an agency or tackle marketing in-house, I know many companies think to themselves — what do marketing agencies really do that we can’t anyways?

Before making a final choice on the matter, it’s important to first consider and fully comprehend the amount of time, research, energy and outreach that goes into a Marketing Strategy, from planning to execution.

Marketing is an umbrella, if you will. And underneath the umbrella, it covers an array of jobs. Very, very, important, specific, time-consuming jobs. These include, but are certainly not limited to, content development, such as photography, video, copywriting, and strategy; design elements, like branding, web development, and advertising; and the wonderful world of social media, like our beloved Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Seriously, where would we be without Snapchat (the ambitious prelude to Instagram Stories)?!

I didn’t even mention the strategy, creation, and distribution of email campaigns yet, which maintains its standing as one of the single most effective marketing techniques — but I think you get the picture.

If not executed properly, all of these initiatives can be a huge waste of both time and money.

There are numerous reasons to choose a marketing agency instead of toiling away at it in-house, but right now, let’s talk about five big ones:

  1. Up To Date on Marketing Trends. It has only been 6 years since I graduated with a business marketing degree and the game has changed so much that I basically have to relearn everything every couple of months. The speed in which new marketing platforms are emerging and how quickly users are latching on is insane. If you are not up to date on these platforms you could be missing out on a vital component of your marketing strategy. And listen, it’s not quick work staying current on trends. Since I got back in the game, most of my days have been spent researching new platforms and detirmining if they even make sense for certain companies. Staying current is a job in and of itself and if you are focused on your company’s goals, you don’t have time to wade through the sea of the marketing noise.

  2. No Trial & Error. By hiring an outside marketing firm you don’t have to worry about the trial and error process of starting a new strategy or campaign. It takes years to discover what works and what doesn’t. Let someone else make the mistakes that you can’t afford to.

  3. Have you ever tried to use Web/Google/Facebook Analytics? If you have, you’ll know how overwhelming the amount of data can seem and are probably confused as to how to use it. However, understanding this data is essential to your marketing strategy and marketing agencies already know how to utilize it.

  4. New Perspective. Hiring an outside agency will also give you perspective on what your business looks like to your clients, and what you can improve on. It’s always a good thing to have a fresh pair of eyes and ears. They will most likely see something that you may never have even thought needed your attention before.

  5. Time Saver. Mostly, hiring an agency allows you to save your time and spend it doing something that makes more sense for your business. You hire a firm, have your initial consultation, create a strategy, they leave, you go back to work, you continue working, a few weeks go by, they walk back into your office, and POOF! like magic! Your logo, website, digital marketing platforms, and everything in between is done. All the while, you kept on doing what you do best — your job.

Katy Prohira