Nomad Tribe is Bringing a 'Museum of Sustainability' to The Citadel


A socially conscious clothing brand located in the heart of Wynwood with a atelier in Little River, Nomad Tribe is more than just your average boutique. Built on the idea that it truly matters what we choose to buy and where we choose to buy from, Nomad Tribe serves us ethical clothing and lifestyle brands. From the moment you enter the store, the theme is loud and clear – Fashion but make it socially responsible.

Just beyond the doorway sits three large bags for customers to donate old and unwanted clothing, subtly hinting at the ‘one in, one out’ method of purging one’s closet before filling it with new. In fact, this idea is so encouraged, Nomad Tribe will give customers 20% off for dropping off your unused clothes to them.Browse the shop and you’ll find only brands that align with the ‘Causes they Care For’, these being, Sustainable & Ecologic, Fair Trade & Economic Growth, Women Empowerment, Education & Children, Health, Local Charity, and Arts & Culture.

This and cover photo by AIGA Miami.

This and cover photo by AIGA Miami.

Brands like Lalesso, a luxury clothing and lifestyle brand made from transparent, eco-friendly, and sustainable facilities out of Kenya and South Africa, and FashionABLE, a fashion brand that provides economic opportunities for women by providing fair wages and safe working environments in Ethiopia, Mexico, Peru and the US. Along with exclusively carrying socially conscious brands, Nomad Tribe provides education and resources to the community on how to be socially conscious in their own actions. Like how, on the first Thursday of every month, they invite the public to come in with their old clothes and recycle them into one-of-a-kind pieces. A boutique that also helps you organize your closet? We may just be in love.

While many of us know Nomad Tribe for its colorful Wynwood boutique, it’s time to take our eyes a bit more north, at their atelier where many of the bigger picture projects come to life. In fact, Nomad Tribe has partnered with their front door neighbors over at The Citadel and will be launching the first ever Museum of Sustainability just in time for Fashion Revolution Week from April 23rd – 28th. It will be a one-week immersive experience where local Artists, Brands, Fashion Activists, and Local Institutions come together to shed light on the lack of sustainability in fashion and its pollution-filled footprint, as well as spotlight the wonderful brands who are actively taking steps to change that model. Find out more information here and make sure to swing by and visit the thought-provoking undertaking.

Katy Prohira